End of life conversations with St Helena Hospice

Between May and August 2023 we collaborated with St Helena Hospice in Colchester, Essex on a project that got people talking about one of the most difficult and sensitive subjects – end of life care. Turns out that many people found it easier to talk about the actual moment of death rather than preparation and planning for it.

We spoke to communities reflecting the diversity of  Tendring and Colchester –  from Lion’s Walk shopping centre in Colchester, Dovecourt Firestation in Harwich, St James’ Church in Clacton to Sir Martin Frobisher’s Primary School in Jaywick and Rice and Spice Festival at First Site. Each conversation was visualised and you can see all of them on our Flickr page. Some of recurrent themes running through many conversations included concern about the NHS, generational divide and fear of losing connection with younger generation, local project that bring people together through gardening or charity work, end of life rituals in different cultures and pressures connected with fulfilling family’s expectations, children’s definition of a ghost and many more.

St James Church, Clacton

St Helena Hospice, Colchester

Rice and Spice Festival, First Site, Colchester

Laura's visualisation: what would the Normans think of the oldest English city today?

Christopher's visualisation: Is the NHS caught in a storm of underfunding and work overload, while being burdened by excessive bureaucracy?

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