One Night Grandstand


One Night Grandstand: stadium for a night!

One Night Grandstand infuses a regular kick-about with the excitement of a football stadium. Games have a live, amplified commentary, floodlighting and stadium style screens above the pitch, complete with sound effects, live motion graphics and action replays.

Watch the One Night Grandstand promo video to see it in action on our Youtube or Vimeo channels.


Add the magic of commentary & sound effects

Each game, however formal or informal, is commentated live through the PA system by a dynamic and exciting football commentator. For the first One Night Grandstand, we had the good fortune to work with the brilliant Phil Parry of BBC London Sport. Live crowd sound effects, cheers & chants, are added making the pitch come alive with noise like a real stadium.

Feel like a superstar

One Night Grandstand not only brings an extra dimension to an everyday kick-about, it makes every moment matter, every kick of the ball, every decision, every goal the most important. Participants can give their name and details, or make up a fantasy name, to the commentary team so that they can hear their names announced on the over the PA throughout the match.


Although we bring a trained commentator to every One Night Grandstand event, we also can train up budding commentators before an event to bring their own style and influence to the proceedings. And we don’t just stop at commentary as we can organise training on filming and using the sound effects.

The world of sport

And One Night Grandstand isn’t just limited to football, we’ve commentated on and have sound effects palettes for many different sporting events including, rugby, athletics, cycling, cricket, basketball, judo, boccia, to name a few.

The Portable Stadium Experience

If you are interested in bringing One Night Grandstand to your area and community then get in touch. Every One Night Grandstand event comes with a trained commentator and sound effects. But there is lots more that can be added to this. Events can be filmed and turned into a video for future viewing, a big screens can be added for instant live coverage of the on the pitch action as well as instant replay and live scoreboard. On all day events it’s great having a co-commentator who can help sum up the action as well as get live interviews from participants and teams.

If your interested in having One Night Grandstand at your event then please get in touch and we can help tailor the best package for your event.

One Night Grandstand was originally commissioned by  in 2005

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