Home Sweet Dome

Home Sweet Dome is a cosy, mobile, inflatable structure that can turn an old abandoned car park into a magical events venue, cinema, performance space or sports commentary box within minutes!

Home Sweet Dome is a budding social enterprise and will soon be available for hire as a portable events venue!

Designed with architects Pentinnen Shoene and the people of the Craylands Estate in Basildon, Home Sweet Dome will provide a focal point for community activities during a long-drawn-out regeneration of the estate.

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  1. […] was aesthetically and emotionally a success, functionally it was not. The Hacienda was renamed Home Sweet Dome, but it turned out to be too cumbersome for local residents to erect. We had rushed the testing […]

  2. Jon Bentley says:

    as our council flats are sold, sports centres closed down and libraries replaced by shops
    it’ll be reassuring that someone has a blow up multi function tent handy to keep us from despair

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