Talkaoke is a pop up talk show that is has been gaining popularity in festivals, clubs, galleries, theatres, conferences and on the street. it consists of an illuminated round table with a host sitting in the middle on a swivel chair. Participants sit around the outside and are passed the microphone whenever they want to […]

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    Who Wants to Be...?

    Who Wants to Be…?

    Who Wants to Be…? is the ask-the audience game show, where the audience asks the questions, comes up with the answers, and sets the rules! Using two visualisation systems, some gameshow glitz and a visual voting system, a large audience can brainstorm, feedback, and generate the most incredible ideas together. In its simplest form each […]

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    One Night Grandstand

    One Night Grandstand

      One Night Grandstand: stadium for a night! One Night Grandstand infuses a normal kick-about with the excitement of a football stadium. Games have a live, amplified commentary, floodlighting and stadium style screens above the pitch, complete with sound effects, live motion graphics and action replays. Watch the One Night Grandstand promo video to see […]

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    Documenting - Theps Media Lab

    Documenting – Theps Media Lab

    We don’t just document our own events but have along history of filming and editing performances, talks, exhibitions and workshops, from vox popping on the streets of Hornchurch to filming a 24 hour performance marathon at The Serpentine Gallery. Through our work on facilitation and Talkaoke we are experts in asking the right questions and […]

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    “Basically, it’s a film-making-conveyer-belt that squeezes the imagination out of anybody who comes along, mixes it with everybody else’s and puts it on video.” Segue – a developing experimental format from The People Speak. It has emerged from workshops we have done for our own creative growth and for others. We discovered a strong desire […]

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    Unlecture takes the standard lecture format and turns it inside out. Instead of an expert talking to an audience with a couple of questions at the end, Unlecture empowers the audience to actively participate and exchange their own expertise. It encourages open discussion and debate between people on specific subjects. Our facilitators employ different techniques […]

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    Interview with Mikey on ‘Creating a culture of participation’


    Participation Now researcher Hilde C. Stephansen recently interviewed Mikey for OpenDemocracy about ‘Creating a culture of participation’. As well as looking some of our projects and tools, Mikey also talked our approach and methodology.

    You can read the full interview here: Creating a culture of participation

    WWTB at Engergize Festival

    ‘Who Wants to be…?’ at Energize Festival will be streaming live on 15th Nov 2013. To watch the live stream please click on the link below. Show starts at 8pm til 10pm CET (7pm UK time).

    Video Link: thepeoplestreamenergize

    Talkaoke at CultureTECH 2013, Derry-Londonderry

    Talkaoke made it’s long awaited debut in Northern Ireland at this years CultureTECH festival, we travelled across the city popping up at different public spaces.

    CultureTECH a week-long celebration of digital technology, media and music taking place in Derry-Londonderry from September 9-15. It’s big, it’s messy, it’s huge fun and it’s open to everyone – even if you don’t consider yourself very ‘digital’.

    - Click here to watch videos of all the session -

    Video & Photo links, Dates & Locations:

    -  Thursday, September 12th – The Craft Village
    Photos of Talkaoke at Craft Village

    -  Friday, September 13th – Waterloo Place
    Photos of Talkoake at Waterloo Place

    -  Saturday, September 14th – The Venue
    Photos of Talkaoke at The Venue

    Visit for more information on the festival.


    Talkaoke’s Summer of Chat on South Bank

    Talkaoke has been whipping up a storm on the South Bank this summer as part of the National Theatre‘s Watch This Space programme. We’ve moved from inside The Shed to the Queen’s Walk promenade on the South Bank, just by the National Theatre’s buzzing ‘Propstore’ Bar. Every Friday and Saturday we’ve been catching the thoughts of visitors, theatre goers, tourists and Talkaoke regulars about a variety of subjects.

    Some of the great topics that have emerged on the table have been:

    Should the UK should legalise Cannabis? and thoughts on drugs as a whole.
    Fracking: Do economic or energy strategy needs outweigh environmental concerns?
    The future of South banks skate park, does the South bank need another coffee shop/restaurant instead.
    Religion, sharing your road to Damascus moment or detours/U-turns along the way.
    Is there any truth in Astrology?
    Education: Should we be following the Finnish model which doesn’t have a curriculum.
    Is Michael Gove a force for good or Evil? Is there such a thing as Evil?

    You can watch videos and browse through some photos of Talkaoke on our South bank Past Events page.

    It’s not too late to catch us on the South bank, Talkaoke will be running on Fri 23rd & Sat 24th August and the following Fri 30th & Sat 31st August.
    Times: Fridays – 6pm til 10pm, Saturdays – 3pm til 8pm

    To see more of Talkaoke and The People Speak in action, have a look at our Events Page

    ‘Bullet Catch’ with Talkaoke at The Shed

    Short highlights of participants talking in depth around the Talkaoke table about the recent play ‘Bullet Catch’ at The Shed, National Theatre.

    Also here are a few clips of what people thought about the previous play ‘Table’

    and thoughts on National Theatre