Talkaoke is a pop up talk show that is has been gaining popularity in festivals, clubs, galleries, theatres, conferences and on the street. it consists of an illuminated round table with a host sitting in the middle on a swivel chair. Participants sit around the outside and are passed the microphone whenever they want to […]

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    Who Wants to Be...?

    Who Wants to Be…?

    Who Wants to Be…? is the ask-the audience game show, where the audience asks the questions, comes up with the answers, and sets the rules! Using two visualisation systems, some gameshow glitz and a visual voting system, a large audience can brainstorm, feedback, and generate the most incredible ideas together. In its simplest form each […]

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    One Night Grandstand

    One Night Grandstand

      One Night Grandstand: stadium for a night! One Night Grandstand infuses a normal kick-about with the excitement of a football stadium. Games have a live, amplified commentary, floodlighting and stadium style screens above the pitch, complete with sound effects, live motion graphics and action replays. Watch the One Night Grandstand promo video to see […]

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    The People Film

    The People Film

    Documentation is an always an overt and integral part of our events. We also have a long history of filming, photographing and editing performances, talks, exhibitions and workshops, from vox pops on the streets of Hornchurch to filming a 24 hour performance marathon at The Serpentine Gallery. Through our work on facilitation and Talkaoke, we […]

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    “Basically, it’s a film-making-conveyer-belt that squeezes the imagination out of anybody who comes along, mixes it with everybody else’s and puts it on video.” Segue – a developing experimental format from The People Speak. It has emerged from workshops we have done for our own creative growth and for others. We discovered a strong desire […]

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    The Slice is Right

    The Slice is Right

    The Slice is Right The Slice is Right is a generative game show that has emerged from many years of practice in exploring the how collective imagination informs our structures of group decision making. It stems from a desire to escape the political theory textbooks and practically compare and experience different methods of decision making […]

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    The People Speak People! – Laura

    Welcome to our micro-blog series where we will introduce some of the recent members of The People Speak team.

    “Living in the present” 

    Laura Kaminska is a 2019 Camberwell College of Arts graduate from BA graphic design. As a visual creator, she works with photography, illustration, moving image and design in any shape or form. Laura’s work is a sensual and personal visualisation of the current world’s issues. It aims to invite the receiver for reflection and further self-exploration of the subject.

    After 3-years of working, studying and living in Peckham, Laura recently moved to north-east London, where through visual storytelling, she explores subjects important for local communities. In October 2020 she joined The People Speak as a trainee visualiser for online events such as Aberfeldy Live! Talkaoke and Tree of Success game show.

    ‘Since my collaboration with The People Speak has started, I became more involved with the local community. Through multiple events on zoom, I was able to meet incredible, inspiring people from a variety of backgrounds in east London. For me, it is unspeakably crucial to be able to connect with people, to be able to talk through current situations, gain perspective and understand different mindsets. It helps me grow, both, as a person and as a creator. During the events, I was using my illustration skills to visualise the conversation between the people. In a mind-map kind of form, I tried to track the journey through multiple topics and show how unpredictable and inspiring a simple conversation between a few people can be.

    In 2021, I hope to take everything I have learned so far, over the year 2020, about living in the present, being kind to yourself and others, letting go of things I have no impact on, etc., and make it into a long-lasting foundation for a new, surprising chapter in life. 

    What’s to come? Nobody knows. No expectations but high hopes. 🙂 ‘

    Visit Laura’s website and follow her on Instagram @littlefirestorm

    The People Speak People! – Katie F

    Welcome to our micro-blog series where we will introduce some of the recent members of The People Speak team.

    “Growing and socialising”

    I was born in Lithuania in 1989. Moved to India at the age of 13, where I spent 4 years studying music. I returned to Lithuania in 2007, finished school and got a job in a printing and graphic design company. I joined Vilnius Pedagogical University to study physics and applied computer science as both have fascinated me since my childhood. I quit it after the first year to be able to take up a full-time job in a DELL distribution center as a sales manager. I started my own IT company soon after and a few years later dropped it for a job in the Computer Science Corporation branch in Vilnius, Lithuania. At the age of 25 I quit everything and came to the UK to begin a new life. Here, I found a job in a cafe/club in central London where I am currently employed.

    My interests started with physics and computers at about age of 5, and now they have grown into physics, philosophy and psychology. My current biggest passion is looking for patterns in the universe, our world and our mind, whether they would be physical, historical, or psychological. I became a science fiction fan from the age of 7 after reading “The Destruction of Faena” by Alexander Kazantsev and have been a big fan of the genre since. My favourite author is Isaac Asimov and my views on science fiction value and role in society closely matches his. I am also an activist for the global disclosure of UFO/UAP information.

    I love talking with people and comparing different views, so I was very happy to find out about Talkaoke shows during the lockdown. I have participated in a few of them, first being the “TAKE BACK CONTROL TALKAOKE” in September, and have really enjoyed listening and sharing ideas with people who have different views and experiences in life. I believe such talk shows are a great way to grow and socialise and meet people whom we wouldn’t have if we just stayed with our regular circle of friends. I have learned that sitting in the middle and guiding the conversation is way harder than it appears and I really appreciate the work that the hosts put in it. I am always looking forward to the next event!

    The People Speak People! – Dele

    At The People Speak we have always relied on reflected creativity of others to make Talkaokes and our other formats what they truly are. In 2020 we were fortunate enough to collaborate with new artists and creatives who not only participated in our events but also brought their own perspectives, energy and skills into what we do.

    In this series of blogs we want to introduce some of the recent members of the team.

    A Reflective Account On Talkaoke, 26th of November 2020 by Dele Oladeji

    On Thursday 26th of November, 2020, The People Speak! /Talkaoke opened its doors and corner to participants and observers who’ve been following the Talkaoke activities. We had a few minutes of participants welcome greetings, then the floor opened with me speaking out about a play I’m working on. Another observer spoke passionately about a book he’s working on too. The conversation progressed on discussions around books, hope, creativity, the media, social media, politics, information sharing, and progression in modern day societies; the rage of humanity towards change. The anger of 21st Century People towards change.

       The question was asked, ‘What is right and what is wrong?’ Participants spoke sensitively and critically around what is right and what they perceive to be wrong, and how this affects our lives; living in a challenging world. I stated that it all depends on the Mental Capacity of the person. The discussion progressed critically onto the concept of ‘Culture and Identity’ Innovative ideas were shared around the concept of cultural identification, representation and understanding. Cultural diversity was identified as a model for understanding the concept of what is right or what is wrong. The discussions heated up, full of intuitive, critical thoughts, and intense discourse around the issue of what is right, and what is perceived to be wrong.  

    Discussions proceeded onto the concept of media and how the media has changed our mode of life; our identity, sharing of information, and how the younger generation were drawn towards social media as part of their day to day activities. The house was on fire, speaking out loud around the subject of media during this passionate discourse, strongly expressing change and evolvement. Information can either break us, or guide us to that fine ultimate place we’d like to be as we live life and progress. This can drastically impact on our Mental Health; the loneliness we face daily, where we belong in society, and what our goals and dreams were as we journey through the concept of information usage, the media, and place in society.

       At the interval of Talkaoke; 26th of November, 2020, there was an interval exercise; music was played, and the use of gestures and items were used (Cuddly Toys/Other Items) to bring in the well needed energy, and thus, move the discourse forward. I particularly enjoyed the music and exercises that took place; I felt these to be an eye opener that took us onto another realm of discussions, and moving the discourse forward; the sharing of our deep thoughts, expressing and reflecting on what the day had being like for us, and what we expect from the discussions; our aspirations. Three separate participants took to centre stage at reasonable intervals. This kept the day fresh and tidy as we traverse through the journey of hope, and how we express and connect with hope in our lives.

    The concept of ‘HOPE’ lingered; represented through the voices of speakers. We were truly the individual voices that passionately expressed thoughts, feelings and understanding. These were the feelings that reverberated as we explored and shared ideas. We had to connect somehow with the world we live in; in today’s overwhelmed, confused, oppressed and diverse communities, yearning for political/social progression and change in our different layered capacities, and the worlds before us; the 21st century political propaganda and aspirations.

       Towards the end of the day, there was a reading of a short story by one of the speakers; this brought a creative end to the session. Each participant had the opportunity to say what they felt about the discourse. Finding peace was the anchor that held the session together as we navigated through our feelings, thoughts, our unique voices, and expressions of positivity and change. Finding inner peace was the backdrop to the session’s activities. The discussions came to a gradual end. There were claps! Then the curtain dropped; the so much cherished beautiful day ended on a very positive note. So the expected call for the next ‘The People Speak/Talkaoke’ session awaits us. This is surely the very beginning and not the end to a new dream in our varied, dark, challenging worlds.   

    About Dele Oladeji

    Dele Oladeji is a British born Poet/Writer based in Tower Hamlets. He has been published by MIND, the WEA and erbacce-press, based in Liverpool. He has also been published in the Big Issue Magazine on numerous occasions. Dele Oladeji recently completed a MA in Creative Writing (Writing the City) at the University of Westminster in London. He completed a B.SC in Archaeology from the University of Ibadan, in Nigeria in 1988. Dele currently lives and works in London.

    Wick Speaks, The Tour!

    Hackney Wick tells its own story

    Wick Speaks! is a new project bringing together a range of Hackney Wick residents to create the Tour of the area through their eyes.

    The People Speak is collaborating with long-time local guide Hackney Tours to celebrate the diversity of the Wick and imagine the future of this unique and ever-changing place.

    On Sun 27 Sep we will bring Talkaoke – our live talk show – to the streets of Hackney Wick. Combining our socially distant live and online approach, we invite participants to join the conversation about the Wick, share their personal stories both past and present, and create the Wick Speaks! Tour of the area.

    The Tour, led by Hackney Tours and some of the local residents, will be launched on Sat 17 Oct.

    Read a full press release about Wick Speaks! Tour here <link coming soon>

    This is a video capturing the results of the project:

    Hackney Tours is an ongoing experiment in sustainable socially-minded travel & tourism. Founder Simon Cole shares plane-free wonder on our doorstep with hyper-local ‘slow travel’ walks. They connect the area’s radical campaigning history to its contemporary arts and activist culture, asking what future East London we want

    The People Speak is a collective of international arts practitioners based in East London, founded 23 years ago. We use performance art, multi-media and technology to stimulate discussion, generate ideas, and inform decision making in the public and cultural sphere through fun, interactive format in the UK and globally. Talkaoke is a live, television-style talk show popping out at festivals, clubs, galleries, conferences, on the street and online

    Wick Speaks! is funded by Wick Together – the Mayor of London’s Creative Enterprise Zone, and will enable us to employ and upskill some E9 freelancers who had been hit by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Wick Together funded through the Mayor of London’s Creative Enterprise Zone programme and managed jointly by Hackney Council, Tower Hamlets Council and the London Legacy Development Corporation – will upskill the local creative community to deliver training and courses that improve social cohesion, support local businesses and help residents develop creative skills

    Read about other projects awarded the Mayor of London’s Creative Enterprise Zone funding here


    Get outside your echo chamber!

    Last month our doughnut shaped Talkaoke table made its first appearance on the Aberfeldy concrete since the lockdown! Watch the highlights here and save the date for Aberfeldy Live! Talkaoke #4 (Thu 27 Sep).

    We had a lot of fun with our new online format Design Your Own Job at East Summer School bringing 12-17 yo East Londoners and our favourite Innovators & Creatives together. We talked about future jobs such as Professional Hugger or Computer Game Therapist and the skills these roles require. We also discussed job shame and family pressure affecting career choices. Check out the highlights including Rick’s visualisations here

    What will fundraising look like in the future? In our ongoing collaboration with Institute of Fundraising we came up with a few scenarios featuring Haagen Dazs philanthropy, a fleeting visit from a middle aged Greta Thunberg and… find out for yourselves here.
    Watch this space for more Autumn dates.


    Our ‘Nerve Centre’ in Aberfeldy Street got a revamp, which caught the attention of the Daily Mail. The brand new sign above our door awakened the curiosity of a number of new visitors. We love people dropping by for a chat !

    Rich Mix published a fantastic blog summarising our online collaboration around the theme of the arts and community. Next Sunday (23 Sep) we’ll be speaking to people in Poplar’s Bartlett Park about how their local arts centre Poplar Union can support them through this time. Join us for Poplar Union Live!

    It’s not just about people speaking. This autumn we’re teaming up with The Listening Arts Channel from We’re All Bats for a series of online Take Back Control Talkaokes about Patriotism, Identity Politics and Living with Risk. And there’s a chance to get involved so scroll down.

    Meanwhile in Lancashire our long standing partner In Situ has been working with Mikey on upskilling in the art of online facilitation and socially distant Vox Pops. They have been busy keeping their community connected despite the local lockdown.
    If you’re interested in training in our hybrid formats – drop us a line.