Talkaoke is a pop up talk show that is has been gaining popularity in festivals, clubs, galleries, theatres, conferences and on the street. it consists of an illuminated round table with a host sitting in the middle on a swivel chair. Participants sit around the outside and are passed the microphone whenever they want to […]

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    Who Wants to Be...?

    Who Wants to Be…?

    Who Wants to Be…? is the ask-the audience game show, where the audience asks the questions, comes up with the answers, and sets the rules! Using two visualisation systems, some gameshow glitz and a visual voting system, a large audience can brainstorm, feedback, and generate the most incredible ideas together. In its simplest form each […]

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    One Night Grandstand

    One Night Grandstand

      One Night Grandstand: stadium for a night! One Night Grandstand infuses a normal kick-about with the excitement of a football stadium. Games have a live, amplified commentary, floodlighting and stadium style screens above the pitch, complete with sound effects, live motion graphics and action replays. Watch the One Night Grandstand promo video to see […]

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    The People Film

    The People Film

    Documentation is an always an overt and integral part of our events. We also have a long history of filming, photographing and editing performances, talks, exhibitions and workshops, from vox pops on the streets of Hornchurch to filming a 24 hour performance marathon at The Serpentine Gallery. Through our work on facilitation and Talkaoke, we […]

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    “Basically, it’s a film-making-conveyer-belt that squeezes the imagination out of anybody who comes along, mixes it with everybody else’s and puts it on video.” Segue – a developing experimental format from The People Speak. It has emerged from workshops we have done for our own creative growth and for others. We discovered a strong desire […]

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    The Slice is Right

    The Slice is Right

    The Slice is Right The Slice is Right is a generative game show that has emerged from many years of practice in exploring the how collective imagination informs our structures of group decision making. It stems from a desire to escape the political theory textbooks and practically compare and experience different methods of decision making […]

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    PiCK OF THE WiCK is a music video portrait project in Hackney Wick and Fish Island, in a collaboration with local residents and Knowledge Exchange Network, QMUL Centre for the Creative and Cultural Economy, Hackney Wick & Fish Island Community Trust and Hackney Wick and Fish Island Creative Enterprise Zone.
    In this emergent project The People Speak ask the residents of Hackney Wick and Fish Island to create a music video representing the area. We will use conversation, comedy, video and graphic visualisations to tease out and imaginatively represent the key aspects of the band during a series of public consultation sessions around the area, which will take shape of pop up screen tests booths [inspired by Warhols ‘Screen Tests’ series], vox pops interviews and Pick of The Wick Talkaoke talkshow outdoors. For the Talkaoke we will bring a local lyricist/ singer, a musician and a live visualiser to create a sketch of lyrics and sound of the Pick of the Wick anthem, and the look of the hypothetical band.

    Following on from the research we did through the Wick Speaks! project in 2020, Pick of the Wick takes music as the element that connects various members of the community. We will use this theme as a framework to explore people’s wider ideas about:

    – How do people feel about public spaces in the area?
    – How does the community come together?
    – People’s emotional response to the place?
    – Divisive lines within the area and how to cross them?
    – What is the set of values about the area we can all agree on?

    Step into our DIY mobile Screen Test Booth, which will be popping up on the street throughout July. Tell us about the music and the look of Hackney Wick you know. What does it mean to you?
    Join us at one of the Screen Test Booth sessions in July: Friday 16th, Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th between 2-7PM, at and around The Pearl [11 Prince Edward Rd, London E9 5LX].
    Then on Sunday 1 August take part in an open space Talkaoke – a pop up talkshow, where we will be joined by local musicians, lyricist and illustrator who will compose a soundtrack and explore the visual identity of Hackney Wick & Fish Island based on the conversation between the participants. If you are a musician yourself – bring an instrument.

    PiCK OF THE WiCK is a collaboration with Knowledge Exchange Network, QMUL Network – centre for the creative and cultural economy, Hackney Wick & Fish Island Community Trust and Hackney Wick and Fish Island Creative Enterprise Zone.


    Screen Test Booth sessions
    Friday 16th, Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th July
    2-7PM [drop in]
    Location: outside PEARL Hackney , 11 Prince Edward Rd, London E9 5LX

    Pick of the Wick Talkaoke
    Sunday 1 August
    Time, location, booking link tbc


    The People Speak People! – Zoe

    Welcome to our micro-blog series where we will introduce some of the recent members of The People Speak team.

    “Living in the present”

    Zoë is an American theatre maker, facilitator, and educator based in London. She works with creators and communities around the globe to tell stories that prompt conversation and run workshops that create change. As a theatre maker, she recently worked with Audible and the BBC on their new podcast and play The Hijack. Previously, she worked with a young spoken word artist to develop Outgrown at Shoreditch Town Hall, and with Company Three to develop The Act at The Yard. She was a member of the Orange Tree Writers Collective, where she developed her new play Return. Her plays The Burning, The Net, and Define have premiered in Edinburgh and London.

    As a facilitator and educator, Zoë has had the privilege to create and run a series of workshops for The Incident Project that spark conversations on race and privilege, and toured in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and London. She has also worked with Rewrite, bringing newly arrived refugees and born-and-bred Londoners together through creative writing. She believes that play and creativity are the best ways to spark change.

    Working with the People Speak has been one of the best things about the insane year that is 2020. In a time of so much isolation and anxiety, the People Speak events have reintroduced me to the power of fun, silliness, and connection. Whether it’s moderating Aberfeldy Live or facilitating the Tree of Success networking event for Waltham Forest, I have learned that collective laughter is one of the best tonics in this time. Collaborating with the People Speak has taught me loads of other small lessons: how to create legitimate connection and fun over Zoom; that sometimes outright silliness is the best way to unearth new ideas; and that, as a facilitator, I can really trust my participants and audience to take the lead. In 2021, I’m most looking forward to getting in a real life room filled with real life strangers and experiencing moments of collective fun and joy in person together.

    Check out Zoe’s website

    The Inverse Apprentice

    You’re hired! The Inverse Apprentice in Aberfeldy Street

    We are thrilled to announce that our project The Inverse Apprentice has been awarded a Small Grant Scheme from the new Westfield East Bank Creative Futures Fund, delivered by Foundation for Future London.

    The Inverse Apprentice is a creative entrepreneurship programme provoked by the TV show ‘The Apprentice’. Our format, in contrast to the TV programme, is led entirely by the participants – Tower Hamlets residents. The programme delivered in partnership with the local talent, business owners and entrepreneurs uses personal creativity, cooperation and diversity of thought as a framework to develop participants’ self worth and employability skills. The apprenticeship aims to raise aspirations of the participants by helping them to gain agency and practical tools to become local instigators of change responding to their community’s needs.

    The Inverse Apprentice is a collaboration between The People Speak art collective, Spotlight youth hub and a posse of creative businesses in Aberfeldy Street, Poplar.

    Find out more about the fund and other awardees here.

    Get involved

    If you are interested in joining the project as a participant, aged 18 or over and based in Tower Hamlets – we would love to hear from you.

    If you are an artist, creative or entrepreneur linked with Tower Hamlets or wider east London, who wants to help us shape the project and respond to participants needs – let’s have a chat.

    Drop us a line to find out more


    The Inverse Apprentice is supported by

    In collaboration with

    The People Speak People! – Simon

    Welcome to our micro-blog series where we will introduce some of the recent members of The People Speak team.

    “Ploughing our furrow”

    It’s not every day that you get to take part in a first, but the highlight of 2020 for me was collaborating with The People Speak in my favourite part of East London: Hackney Wick. For someone keen to see how travel can be a transformational experience even close to home, it was the perfect opportunity to try something new in an old familiar place.

    Over the Covid summer of 2020 I had been getting a lot from The People Speak’s online versions of their established Talkaoke format. Discussions covered anything from Brexit to Futurology to how the arts can reach people amid a pandemic. So when the enterprising Margot rang from The People Speak, to suggest we apply for Creative Enterprise Zone funding to bring people together, I jumped at the chance.

    As Hackney Tours, I’ve traditionally ploughed my own furrow, absorbing what I’ve experienced over a decade of exploration places like Hackney Wick to share it later with curious locals, academics and foreign visitors alike. I’ve attended community meetings there, engaged in activism and had countless conversations with people about the ongoing changes.

    As a tour guide, I’m often asked to inspire students and organisations by giving my own take on the processes at work along the Hackney Cut, one of the canals that gently flow through this former factory town. But Wick Speaks! was a chance to see how The People Speak operate and to work in a very different way.

    Along with the team at Aberfeldy Street, we recruited two local freelancers to go into the Wick and ask people on the street what they thought a tour should be comprised of. This time I was facilitating others, rather than the one talking – and highly rewarding it was too. My own journey has seen me increasingly move away from ‘telling it how it is’ to inviting people to collaborate in the creation of something new, unique and co-owned.

    The work of The People Speak is also about bringing in others, connecting and sharing. With this ’emergent’ style, it wasn’t possible to know the end result, we had to trust the process. But sure enough the people of Hackney Wick didn’t let us down. The result was a first: a grassroots unscripted tour voiced by people who live and work in the Wick, shared on multiple platforms in the format of a live TV show. That’s the thing with experiments and working with others, you never know where you might end up.

    You can watch Wick Speaks! Tour video here.

    Simon Cole founded Hackney Tours in 2012 as a way to really connect with his own backyard, using carbon-free, deep, slow travel. He’s drawn to lesser heard stories, like Hackney’s role in social justice struggles past and present, or the complexities of gentrification and sustainable cities. Can social enterprise tours change the world? How does street art help us interrogate our environment in the era of fake news and alternative facts? From women’s history running tours to the Wick Speaks! collaboration with The People Speak, he tries to innovate. He believes in the power of curiosity and that the biggest journey of all – to be fully in the world – starts with a little local adventure.

    Check out Hackney Tours on

    The People Speak People! – Laura

    Welcome to our micro-blog series where we will introduce some of the recent members of The People Speak team.

    “Living in the present” 

    Laura Kaminska is a 2019 Camberwell College of Arts graduate from BA graphic design. As a visual creator, she works with photography, illustration, moving image and design in any shape or form. Laura’s work is a sensual and personal visualisation of the current world’s issues. It aims to invite the receiver for reflection and further self-exploration of the subject.

    After 3-years of working, studying and living in Peckham, Laura recently moved to north-east London, where through visual storytelling, she explores subjects important for local communities. In October 2020 she joined The People Speak as a trainee visualiser for online events such as Aberfeldy Live! Talkaoke and Tree of Success game show.

    ‘Since my collaboration with The People Speak has started, I became more involved with the local community. Through multiple events on zoom, I was able to meet incredible, inspiring people from a variety of backgrounds in east London. For me, it is unspeakably crucial to be able to connect with people, to be able to talk through current situations, gain perspective and understand different mindsets. It helps me grow, both, as a person and as a creator. During the events, I was using my illustration skills to visualise the conversation between the people. In a mind-map kind of form, I tried to track the journey through multiple topics and show how unpredictable and inspiring a simple conversation between a few people can be.

    In 2021, I hope to take everything I have learned so far, over the year 2020, about living in the present, being kind to yourself and others, letting go of things I have no impact on, etc., and make it into a long-lasting foundation for a new, surprising chapter in life. 

    What’s to come? Nobody knows. No expectations but high hopes. 🙂 ‘

    Visit Laura’s website and follow her on Instagram @littlefirestorm